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DART – Let's Go.

DART Rail System

Riding the rail is easy, but these tips might help



These six easy steps explain everything you need to know about navigating the DART Rail System.

  1. Go to your train station
  2. Buy your ticket
  3. Go to the train platform
  4. Board the train
  5. Hold on to your ticket
  6. Get off at your stop
  DART's Red Line runs along North Central Expressway from Parker Road in Plano traveling south to downtown Dallas, then to Westmoreland in West Oak Cliff. The Blue Line travels south from Rowlett and Garland to downtown Dallas, then to UNT Dallas in South Oak Cliff. The Green Line provides service between North Carrollton/Frankford to Buckner in South Dallas. The Orange Line provides service between Parker Road and DFW Airport Station during peak hours weekdays and between LBJ/Central and DFW Airport Station all other times. All four lines serve Pearl/Arts District, St. Paul, Akard and West End stations in downtown Dallas. Hours of operation are approximately 5 a.m. to midnight.

Explore DART's Red Line
Parker Road Station to Westmoreland Station
Explore DART's Blue Line
Downtown Rowlett Station to UNT Dallas Station
Explore DART's Green Line
North Carrollton/Frankford Station to Buckner Station
Explore DART's Orange Line
DFW Airport Station to Parker Road Station

1. Go to your train station.

The DART Rail system features 65 stations, located in downtown Dallas, South Dallas, South Oak Cliff, West Oak Cliff, the North Central Expressway Corridor to North Dallas, Richardson and Plano, the Northeast Corridor to Garland and Rowlett, the Northwest Corridor to Farmers Branch and Carrollton, the Southeast Corridor to Pleasant Grove and the Northwest Corridor to Irving and DFW Airport. Use the online DART Trip Planner or call 214-979-1111 for help.

Your Guide to Ride
DART's Mobility Ambassador Program provides FREE Travel Orientation to anyone who needs a little extra help using public transit (DART's bus and rail service). Click here to learn more.

2. Buy your ticket.

DART Rail requires a local fare. View more information regarding DART fares.Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) are located on the platforms at all rail stations. Machines accept cash and credit cards. An AM/PM Pass is $3.00 and a Local Day Pass is $6.00. AM/PM and Day passes purchased from TVMs are already time/date stamped and ready to use. An AM pass is valid until noon and a PM pass is good from noon through the end of service on the date purchased. Day passes are valid only on the date of purchase through 3 a.m. the following day.

Ticket Vending Machine with Validator location highlighted If you have a Day Pass Voucher, before boarding the train, date/time stamp your voucher at the ticket vending machine. The validator is located below the pass selection screen. Day Pass Vouchers are valid for the date they are validated through 3 a.m. the following day.

When using GoPass, be sure to buy and activate your ticket before boarding the train. Show the activated ticket on your smartphone to the fare enforcement officer when required.

Rail Station Validator Machine When using a GoPass Tap card, simply "tap" your card to the card readers located at rail station platforms every time you board or transfer. The card readers will display a checkmark and emit a beep indicating you've successfully paid for the trip.

More information available at

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3. Go to the train platform.

Be prepared to board three to five minutes before the scheduled departure time. Remember, trains are required to leave on time to maintain published schedules for all passenger stops. Locate the platform for trains traveling in the direction you want to go by using the color-coded (red, blue, green or orange) destination signs on the platform. Signs list the final destination of trains, and trains stop at each station on the line.

4. Board the train.

Check the destination sign on the train. If the doors do not open automatically, push the button on the side of the train. You may sit anywhere you like. Generally, areas near the front door and in the low-floor center car section are reserved for elderly and mobility-impaired passengers. You may carry on baby strollers, carts and other small items; just be sure they don't block the aisle.

DART Rail Level BoardingOn Saturday, November 6, 2010, DART marked the debut of level boarding at all light rail stations. This transition followed two-and-a-half years of construction and station closures. Special use platforms or "high blocks," which served persons with disabilities and mobility challenges since the rail system opened in 1996, were also removed from service, as these passengers begin utilizing the low-floor center doors in each train's center section. See more information at

View accessibility informationGuide dogs and other service animals are permitted on DART vehicles. See Accessibility Information for more details or call 214-979-1111.

See Bike Information for details on how to travel with your bicycle.

Stroller Smart Every day passengers board DART buses and trains with strollers. Many of these passengers desire to use the priority seating and securement area to access transit. See these Stroller Smart guidelines when sharing limited space on public transit.

5. Hold on to your ticket.

Fare Inspectors may inspect your ticket as proof of payment. When using GoPass, be sure to buy and activate your ticket before boarding the train. Show the activated ticket on your smartphone to the fare enforcement officer when required. When using a GoPass Tap card, be sure to "tap" your card to the card readers located at rail station platforms before boarding.

6. Get off at your stop.

DART Rail system maps are on board each train for your convenience. Operators will announce stops. Push the exit button on the handrail beside the door and step off the train.

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